Project Description


Mojave Desert / 2015–

Photography  /  Land  /  Sculpture  /  Video


Mojave desert / 2015–

Photography / Land / Sculpture / Video

Numen is a series of photography, sculpture, video, and land art. The intention of the work is to mimic, simulate and interact with natural phenomena that humankind has revered as supernatural: the numinous – the basis for nascent religious belief systems.

Photography represents physics that transcend our normal understanding of reality. Time can be slowed or stopped; solid materials can be translucent and blurred; and perspective can change physical dimensions. When paired with the infinite possibilities of post-production; the photograph itself becomes an idiosyncratic “space” for the imagination. In Numen, this metaphysical “space” is adapted for the practice of reverence: the creation of meaningful relationships with Nature, landforms and the sublime.

Mountain / Rock

Land / Earth

Stars / Moon

Lunar eclipse simulacrum

Sky / Clouds

Sun / Light